August 3, 2013 – We Made It To 250

Well there would certainly be no shortage of things to talk about this past week from our Catholic world.  Just the reaction from Pope Francis’ press conference on his aircraft following the World Youth Day set the mainstream media into overdrive, even though he really didn’t say anything that would shatter what the church has always taught us. However, these things will have to wait because as has become tradition here in the blogosphere, whenever I hit a little milestone, I use this space to take a little look back and see what has transpired since then.  This blog marks my 250th edition of “The Webmaster’s Blog.”  As I have said in the past, to most folks this probably doesn’t mean a whole lot, but for a single, computer geek like myself, it is something to mark and toast with a glass of sugarless Kool-Aid.  So as I have done in the past, I have reviewed my last 50 blogs and have pulled out a few items that I wrote to see how they turned out or if my perspective has changed since I wrote them.  So here goes…

10/27/12 – “Bishop Braxton has decreed that the four parishes will be suppressed and that one new parish will be erected at the site in Ridgway where the church was destroyed.  The new parish will be dedicated to St. Kateri Tekakwitha who was canonized this past Sunday.  This situation was unique in that it was hastened by the destruction of the parish buildings in Ridgway.  However, as the data from the process continues to be analyzed, we may certainly see more parishes have to be merged together due to the shortage of clergy, population shifts, etc.”  Well as we have found out, every single parish in the Diocese (ours included) has been partnered with at least one other parish.  We have also already seen one parish close in Modoc, and likely will see others in the not so distant future.

12/22/2012 – “To farmers, and all who rely on river transportation: Bountiful rain and moisture to fill the river and make for a better growing season next year.”  This was one of my Christmas wishes for the coming year, and boy, has it come true.  I cannot remember 2 more contrasting summers than we have had last year and this year.  Not only were the rivers filled, but there were flooding scares earlier in the year.  And there has not been a single 100 degree day as of yet.

1/12/13 – “Finally, if all goes well, I hope to this week finish preparing information for putting together a new parish directory.  It will of course utilize online tools.  I don’t want to give too much away yet, but I think it will be cool (that’s my attempt at a 40-something trying to stay hip to the times).  Aw, forget it.  I think it will be good.”  Well the process took longer than I had hoped, but we finally came up with what  think is a pretty nice directory – printed and online.  And the exciting part to me is that we can keep it updated as time goes along, and can always have current information.

2/23/13 – “I do not see any type of scenario where we would not be merged with at least one other parish.  Geographically, the one that would make sense is Ellis Grove.  It is close in distance, it is in the same school district, etc.  A merger would mean that we would essentially have 2 locations under the umbrella of one parish with one parish name, one parish council, etc.  Again, I am not saying that this is what will happen, and I hesitate to say things like this because I know it doesn’t take much for the rumor mill to get started.  I am only throwing out possible scenarios so people will know what types of changes may be coming.”  Well my hunch has begun to take shape, as we have been placed into partnership with Ellis Grove.  I think the eventual outcome will be a merger, and as time goes on and resources continue to shrink, it may go even beyond that.  Thus far we have had wonderful cooperation with Ellis Grove, and I still think we can have a bright future as a church.

3/8/13 – “If I had to wager a milk shake, I would go with Cardinal Odilo Scherer from Brazil.  He is 63 years old, and demographics may be in his favor.  Some 42 percent of the world’s Catholics now live in Latin America, making the region home to the largest group of Catholics on the planet, according to Reuters. Europe is home to just 25 percent of the world’s Catholics.  Also, the next World Youth Day, along with the next Olympic Games, will take place in Rio de Janeiro.”  This was my pick for the new Pontiff, and I take at least partial credit because I was in the right continent, but certainly did not anticipate Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  However, I think it is very clear that the Holy Spirit led the College of Cardinals in the right direction.

I have always found it interesting to go back and read things and then jump ahead to see how things turned out.  That is one of the reasons I continue to enjoy doing the blog – it serves as sort of a “journal of events” for me.  It is something that even if no one else reads it, that I’ll have as a piece of “history”.

The other tradition when I hit one of these so-called “milestones” is to thank you for continuing to read my blog and also continuing to use our website.  I had no idea when I began this that it would last this long, and that a few folks would still continue to read it each week.  I am very grateful to have this vehicle to talk about my faith and whatever else pops into my head, and I am very grateful to you for sticking with me.  God willing, there are another 250 blogs to come.  Where will we be at that point?  It will be exciting to find out together.

For the 250th time, have a great week.  Peace.

2 Responses to “August 3, 2013 – We Made It To 250”

  1. Anita & Mike Bievenue Says:

    Very interesting Brian. I enjoyed it.

  2. Rose Callahan Says:

    Here’s to the next 250!! Good job, Brian

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