January 29, 2011 – More Internet Stuff

Ahhhh …. after a week of battling a cold and more of winter’s dreary weather, what a treat it is to see the sunshine and feel the above normal temperatures.  Of course next week sounds like we’re going back to the ugly, dreary weather, so enjoy the temporary reprieve.

OK, so what to write about today?  As usual there’s some heavy-duty stuff going on around the world, but I feel like I need a break from the “heavy-duty” stuff,  so I think I’ll shift the focus back to one of my favorite activities.  Let’s see, I could certainly talk about food, but there’s only so much you can say about skim milk and shredded wheat (the PLAIN shredded wheat mind you, not even the frosted kind).  I could talk about football, but I think I’ll save my prediction for the Super Bowl until next week.  By the way, did you notice that I called both games right last week?  I should be on one of those pre-game shows.  I can give analysis on par with some of those talking heads.  But alas, it only remains a dream.

So what else is there to talk about?  What else has been occupying my time?  The internet?  Ding, ding, ding!  Actually, it was an article on the Catholic News Service that led me to talk again about the internet.  What you have read to this point is what us “professional” bloggers refer to as filler, or in other words, B.S. that I can fill the page with while I think of some more to say.

This past week Pope Benedict XVI issued a message on World Communications Day once again encouraging Christians to use the internet to spread the Gospel.  In particular he invited Christians to join the social media such as Facebook, saying that this new model of information sharing was something that the church could and should work with.  He did caution, however, that those who utilize the internet should use it in a responsible way and should be respectful when in contact with others.  He also said that this increasing “virtual interaction” should not be a replacement for real-life contact with other people.

The Vatican continues to offer more information and programming via the internet.  There is now a website for young people in which they can acquire information about the Vatican and the Pope and even send greetings to the Holy Father.  Here is the link to it:


If you come across an interesting link, let me know and I’ll be happy to post it and tell folks about it.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, our church website, www.maryhoc.org, continues to thrive, or at least it continues to sputter along.  I thought I would share with you a few statistics just to show you how much it is being used.  I have data from the last 6 months which shows the number of pages viewed on the website for each month.  Here are the numbers:

August – 704, September – 466, October – 678, November – 499, December – 581, January (through today) – 805.  These numbers do not include visits to the blog, which is on a different server.  Now of course the most popular websites will have millions of hits, but for a little church website in a little corner of the world, I think these are nice numbers, and I thank you so much for your continued use of the website and for encouraging others to use it.

One of the pages on the website that I would like to do more with is the military page.  This is a small way that we can honor and pray for those from our parish who are either currently serving in the military or are a military veteran (either living or deceased).  Just send me some brief information about the person and perhaps a photo and I will post it on our page.  E-mail me at webmaster@maryhoc.org or just provide the information in the collection or to the parish office.  And of course I’m happy to post any other items you have – calendar dates, pictures, events,  jokes, whimsical observations, Cubs putdowns, etc.

I should not fail to mention that many parishes have great websites now that have a lot of information.  You can go to our links page for neighboring parish websites or go to the diocesan website, www.diobelle.org, and click on the parish directory.  And don’t pay any attention to how great the other websites look compared to ours (or at least don’t tell me if you do).

This week we celebrate Catholic Schools week, and I want to once again recognize everyone who works so hard to make our school a wonderful place to learn and mature.  Our teachers and staff have dedicated themselves to the cause of Catholic education despite having more lucrative opportunities elsewhere.  Those who give of their time, talent and treasure to our school are vital to its continued growth and viability.  And of course our parents and students give our school a unique personality that only a Catholic school can boast.  God Bless all of you!

Well hopefully this time next week our backyards won’t look like hockey rinks.  Have a good and safe week.  Peace.


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