January 7, 2011 – Back In the Old Routine

Well for the first blog of the year I’m back to my normal schedule, and having survived the holidays and getting back into the regular routine, it seemed like a good time to just touch on some random things.  In other words, Brian’s mind is still functioning in overdrive and it doesn’t know what else to talk about, but that’s just between us!?!?

My New Year’s weekend went so well until Sunday night when my Rams came out looking like a pee-wee league team instead on an NFL team and couldn’t secure a playoff spot.  But they still had an exciting year and should be even better next year.  But Rams or not, I’ll be enjoying a lot of playoff football over the next few weeks.  People have asked me what I miss the most since I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and I think the thing I miss the most is having that big bag of Doritos and perhaps a Dagwood-sized sandwich by my side while watching the games.  But I still enjoy the games and the competition, especially now with the winter weather and everything on the line.  THAT”S FOOTBALL BABY!  Ummm, well, moving on…

There has been an unbelievable amount of traffic on the website over the past week.  Since New Year’s Eve there have been 280 pages viewed.  Fantastic!  Did folks make a New Year’s resolution to get on the internet more?  I hope so!  Anyway, thank you and if you didn’t notice yet, I put some new video on the website, including the Rosary Rally from last October and the school Christmas program from last month.  Just go to the homepage at www.maryhoc.org and you’ll find links to them.  As always, if you have any photos or any information you’d like to see published on the website, let me know and I’ll be happy to do it.

There was an item on the news this past week that gave me pause.  The report said that a newly-revised version of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn is going to be published.  The revisions included replacing the “N” word with the word slave, so as not to offend readers of the novel.  Political correctness is something that continues to become more and more prominent.  I try to be understanding of folks who take these things to heart.  I tell myself that I’m not as adept a student of history as they are, and I don’t appreciate the offensive nature of some names as others do.  But when you want to revise a work by one of the greatest novelists of all time, it seems to me that things have gotten out of hand.  Normally I don’t use the blog for “deep” issues such as this, but after hearing this report I couldn’t help but think to myself at what point will this come to an end?  Is there really that many people out there who are offended by a sports team that calls itself the Indians or Redskins?  Is there really that many people with such a thin skin?  In college when I would burn the midnight oil I many times would listen to Jim White’s show on KMOX radio, and one of his frequent guest was a psychiatrist named Bill Little.  No matter what they were talking about, at some point he would remind the listeners that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously, that we shouldn’t be afraid to laugh at ourselves.  In grade school and even high school I was probably one of the most picked-on kids, and at times it would get the best of me.  I wish now that I would have just laughed off the taunts and the teasing, and I wish people who spend every waking hour trying to find something that a few people might find offensive would take the same attitude.

Last week when I listed out the things that I was going to try to work on in the New Year, one of those was to try to not be as judgemental of people and to try not to rely on my first impression, especially with people I don’t know.  I’m sure that when people in Ohio saw Ted Williams standing on the street corner all they saw was a homeless guy and a beggar.  I know that they did not realize that they were seeing someone who has one of the richest voices you will ever hear.  Thanks to the willingness of a newspaper reporter to share this man’s story, he is now a national celebrity and sharing his voice with radio, commercials and for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  As we approach the anniversary of the decision in the Roe v. Wade case, let us not only remember and pray for the unborn who did not have the opportunity to experience life here on earth, but let us also remember those who are here among us but who have been ignored by society.  Who knows what we are missing if we don’t?

I’m happy to report that my doctor’s visit today was a positive one.  My recent lab work, etc. all looked pretty good, so like it or not, the blog will live on for at least a while longer.  I look forward to what 2011 will bring and I look forward to sharing my thoughts about it.  Thanks again for reading.  Peace.


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