November 5, 2010 – Life’s Seasons

Well last week I had oodles of topics to talk about.  This week I’m back in more familiar territory – trying to find the inspiration to come up with something to write about.  I went to many sources; first I tried the Scripture readings for the weekend.  Though very thoughtful they weren’t giving me a spark for an idea to write about.  So let’s go to the news headlines; still not really getting anything.  I think we have all heard way too much already about the election and politics.  OK, now where do I go (and you thought that this blogging stuff was easy).  For some reason I went back and skimmed through my last few blogs and it seemed that my entries have been a little more thoughtful and maybe a little more “message-oriented” than past ones.  Perhaps its because I’ve entered my 40’s now and have more life experience.  Perhaps its because I have been enduring my first round of serious health problems.  Or maybe there is some other reason that I’ve been looking at things from a different perspective.

I have heard singers talk about how sometimes the tone of the songs they record reflect what is going on in their lives at the time.  If they have experienced a tragic event, they may record more somber songs about heartache, etc.  If they have experienced a happy event, their songs may take on more of an upbeat tone about finding love, etc.  This train of thought (which I am trying hard to keep from derailing) got me to thinking about the stages of life – not necessarily the physical stages but how our perspectives change as we grow older.  One of my first memories as a little kid was being totally distraught because my toy train had broken.  It seemed like the end of the world to a 3 or 4 year old who didn’t have any other cares in the world.  Now looking back, I think about how silly it was of me to have reacted so harshly to such a small, meaningless thing.  But so life goes as we reach the different stages.

As challenging as life can be at times, the experience of the stages of life is truly a gift from God.  I have always felt that I would not want to live in an area of the world that is always tropical or always frozen.  I like to experience the changing of the seasons, and I think we can compare the stages of life to the seasons.  When we are small children we are like spring – we are starting to explore, we are starting to develop, we are like buds waiting to burst into full bloom.  Then as we become teenagers and young adults we enter into the “summer” phase of our lives – we are ready to set out on new adventures, we are ready to experience freedom, we have achieved full physical growth but still need to be nurtured.  Then as we become older adults we enter the “autumn” of our lives – we see how “colorful” and fulfilling life can be, we are witnesses to many changes, we begin to see the “harvest” of the work and deeds that we have done throughout our life.  Finally, we come to the end or the “winter” of our lives here on earth – we become less active, the sunsets come sooner and the daylight is at its least, and the cycle comes to an end as we await and hope for a new “spring”.

As with the seasons here on earth, there are some people who do not experience all of the seasons or stages of life.  Children contract cancer or other horrible diseases.  Young adults are involved in fatal accidents.  Why all people are not afforded the opportunity to experience life’s seasons is a question that only God knows the answer to, and until we meet Him face to face, it is our faith that must sustain us.

Thinking of life’s seasons also begs the question as to how many people have been deprived of the experience of the beauty of the changing of the seasons because of abortion.  It begs the question of how people can think of this life as an afterthought instead of a precious gift that could bring so much happiness and good to life’s seasons.  Many people go to great lengths in order to continue to experince life’s seasons, yet many people are willing to deprive people from enjoying any part of the experience. 

This evening as I was flipping through the channels I came upon an interview with George Karl who is the head coach of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA.  Last year he was diagnosed with throat cancer and endured aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  He came through it and is back coaching this year.  During the interview he was talking about how his perspective on life had changed.  He said that he did not get quite as stressed out about small things as he used to, and he makes sure now to be straight with people and to let them know what is on his mind.  Despite what he has been through, he said that we are given a life that is good, and it is up to us to make it great.  The experience of the seasons can truly make life great if we accept them and make the best of them.

Just one other little observation as I was flipping through the channels:  no matter what season of life we are currently in, haven’t we all endured enough Geico commercials?  Just sayin’.

Good luck to the St. Mary’s Hawks as they begin the basketball season.  The “A” team already has a win under their belt.  It has been a good week for this sports fan.  The Rams are actually playing  respectable football and the Blues are playing fabulously to start the year.  Life is indeed good.

Have a great week.  Peace.


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