July 31, 2010 – Not All The Good Ones Are Gone

Well as I get back to writing more blogs again it means trying to come up with more things to write about.  My mom asked me this past week how I come up with a subject to write about in the blog.  Well, I thought about this for a while and I came to this dramatic conclusion: Geez, I dont know.  It reminded me of a professor I had in college – it was a commodities futures class, and the first thing the professor said on the first day of class was “If you are here to learn about how to make money on the futures market, my answer to you is I have no idea!  If I knew do you think I’d be here?  I’d be on my houseboat in the Carribean somewhere!”  OK, point taken.  Anyway, generally I just try to keep my eyes and ears open for something that peaks my interest that hopefully I can draw some inspiration from.  And if that doesn’t work, well, let’s not even go there.

Everyone who knows me knows of my love of sports, and my admiration of the athletes who play them.  Nowadays, however, it seems like the sports reports read more like arrest reports.  There are always athletes getting in to some type of trouble and using bad judgement.  However, I think this is like many other things we see on the news or on other reports – the focus is on dramatizing the seemingly more interesting “bad boy” attitude, and not devoting time to the folks who are doing so much good and are setting good examples.  I just wanted to mention a few examples of these people – my own little way of recognizing them:

Kurt Warner – most of us are familiar with the Kurt Warner story – a one year starter at Northern Iowa, then grocery bagger, to arena football player, and finally NFL superstar.  I certainly admired him as a player – he did bring my Rams their only Super Bowl victory, but I really admire him for the courage he shows as a Christian.  He is never afraid to share his faith with others, no matter what the situation.  Even when he autographs items, he will put a cross or some type of religious reference by his name.  And he still does community work in all of the cities in which he has lived and played.  Surely the Rams could find something for him to do in their organization, don’t you think?

Aeneas Williams – he was one of the best defensive backs in the NFL.  He started with the Cardinals in 1991, and played for the Rams from 2001-2004. he played in 8 Pro Bowls and should be a sure Hall of Famer.   He is now a pastor and has now started his own church in St. Louis.  He was not quite as vocal as Kurt Warner was in spreading his faith, but he certainly is a true example of Christianity now.

Jeff Suppan – he has been a major league pitcher since 1995, and is currently pitching for the Cardinals for the second time in his career.  He is struggling this year, but he pitched well for the Cardinals in 2004 and 2006, especially in the post-season.  He is also a proud Catholic, and has appeared in many Catholic related spots and videis, including a public service announcement defending the rights of the unborn and making the case against embryonic stem cell research.

Brett Favre – say what you want about him and his continued “on again, off again” retirement tease, but he is also an outspoken Catholic, and attributes his career to his faith.  His wife is a breast cancer survivor, and he also has talked about how their faith got them through that tough time.  He is also a pro-life advocate.

Stan Musial – I can’t wrap this up without talking about Stan the Man, a hero to many in this area.  His playing career speaks for itself – 1815 hits on the road, 1815 hits at home.  Top 5 or top 10 in many offensive categories all-time.  But what really sets him apart is the way he conducted his life on and off the field.  He was never thrown out of a game in all his years of playing.  During the time in which blacks were first being introduced into the major leagues, Stan the Man was a supporter of this movement.  Jackie Robinson acknowledged his appreciation of Stan’s attitude and his acceptance of him.  Even now, he keeps a bucket of balls by the door of his house.  No matter who ccomes to his house, whether it is a guest or the furnace repairman, they all get a signed baseball.

These are just a few examples – there are many more, and it is up to us to show folks, especially our young people, that there are true role models out there to look up to, even when guys like LeBron are dominating the news.  Here is a link to see other Christian athletes:


I’m still playing around with our website and trying new things.  This past week I placed a video on the homepage to try it out and see if folks like it.  Keep checking back!

Well 4 people have already checked the blog today, so I better get this posted.  It’s going to be another hot week, so take care of yourself and each other.  Thanks again for reading.



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