Saturday, July 17, 2010 – Just Wondering

In this booming technological age that we are living in, one of the new words or phrases that has emerged is “multi-tasking” – the ability to do 2 or more tasks at one time.  So in the spirit of trying to keep up with all things new, I have decided that I can muster enough concentration to write a blog entry and watch golf at the same time.  Oh the sacrifices I make for my clamoring audience!

I continue to be amazed that folks keep checking regularly for a new blog entry and are disappointed when they don’t find one.  When I went to the KC for lunch this past Monday (which by the way was yummy as usual), the first question  I was asked was not “how are you today Brian?” or “did you like your chicken Brian?”, but it was “did you get around to blogging last weekend?”.  I am convinced that you don’t love me for me, you only love me for my blogs (ha, ha).  Seriously, thank you for your continued compliments and support of our website.

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in my little corner of the world, so I just had a few thoughts to share.  I’m sure you are familiar with Andy Rooney who has been providing commentary on the 60 minutes TV program for about 203 years.  Many times his comments will begin with a phrase like “did you ever wonder why….?”, such as “did you ever wonder why they call it a hamburger when there is no ham in it?”, or” did you ever wonder why they call a building where people live close together an apart-ment building?”.  Anyway, over the last couple of weeks there were a few of these types of thoughts that came to my mind:

– One of the places where you know there will be family members that you haven’t seen in a long time is at a wedding.  So I was just wondering why the music has to be so loud that you can’t hear the person talking 2 inches away from you.  Does music really have to be that loud in order to do the duck walk or the macarena?

– Did you ever wonder why so many of our conversations begin with a discussion of the weather – “Sure is hot out there today,” or “looks like we might get some rain”.  We were both just outside!  Wouldn’t it be more interesting to talk about a news event or something that someone may not have heard about?

– Did you ever wonder if people are really telling the truth when they say “gee, this salad is really delicious!”, especially when you consider the fact that you can get a huge salad for like $4.95, but a teeny cut of a prime steak costs like $40 – $50.  Besides, have you ever heard anyone describe a salad as being “suculent” or “melt in your mouth.”  And if salad is so good, why do we need 4 or 5 packs of crackers and spoonfuls of dressing to compliment it?

– Did you ever wonder why when we are on the sidewalk by the main entrance of church we are standing in front of the church, but when we take the first step into the door we are immediately in the back of the church.

– Did you ever wonder why in this day and age when people are busy running around here and there and are looking for a break in the madness, that they don’t take advantage of the hour or so respite and spiritual revival that is to be gained by going to Mass once a week.

– Did you ever wonder if the webmaster has WAY too much time on his hands.

A note about our website: when you go to the homepage,, you will see a new feature – we now have a webpoll where you can place your vote on a question.  The first question is whether you would be interested in having a way to make your contributions to church or school online.  Some parishes offer this now, and if there are enough people interested in this, it may be worth pursuing.  Go to our homepage and cast your vote!

Finally, I heard of a website this past week called  On this website you can submit a sample of your writing and it will tell you which famous author your writing style is most similar to – whether it be Shakespeare or Hemmingway, etc.  I have not tried it yet – mine will probably be someone like Dr. Seuss (without the rhymes).

All for now.  Peace.


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