January 30, 2010 – Some More Random Thoughts

Hello again all.  What better way to spend a cold, snowy day than to pound out another blog.  I don’t have one specific subject to focus on, just some different thoughts floating in my head (no wonder I’m having so much trouble with headaches):

– Congratulations and thank you to everyone who is involved in any way with our school as we begin Catholic Schools Week.  When we say the word church, we usually think of a building, but church is really the community of people that come together for the purpose of serving and worshiping our God.  Likewise when  we say the word school, we usually think of a building, but it is really the people who come together for the purpose of educating our children and preparing them for a brighter future.  Our school is made up of so many truly dedicated people who make it such a special place to learn – a huge thank you to Fr. Gene, our principal Janelle Robinson, our outstanding teachers and staff, our delightful students, our parents, grandparents and guardians, school board, and all who support our school in any way.  We are truly blessed as a parish to have such a point of pride.

– I’ve recently started to get into the social networking website Facebook.  I didn’t think I would get anything out of it at first, but I have hooked up with people I went to high school with that I hadn’t heard from in a long time, and I have really enjoyed using it.  So I created a Facebook page for our parish.  Go to our website, www.maryhoc.org, and click on the Facebook logo.  On this page anyone can log on and post messages, events, photos, etc., and it is a means for current and former parishioners to maintain contact with each other.  Just another way to push our parish into the 21st century.

– Speaking of the internet, our own Pope Benedict XVI came out with a statement last week urging priests to use the tools of the digital media to spread the word of the gospel, including BLOGGING!  Yes, our 82 year old pontiff used the word “blog”.  We are definitely a technical world, and I’m glad the Vatican has recognized this and has seen how powerful these tools can be.  Here is a link to the full article:


– Best wishes to Kurt Warner on his retirement from football.  He gave us Rams fans a lot of great memories (our only great memories) and he will certainly do a lot of good as a preacher, charity organizer, etc. in the next chapter of his life.  Many, many athletes can learn from his example of humility and generosity.

– Can you believe that Lent is only 2 1/2 weeks away?  Time to start thinking about what to give up.  Of course, with the diet I’m on now I really don’t have anything else to give.  Oh well, the fasting days this year will be no problem – just another day.

– Had a good Parish Council meeting the other night.  I hadn’t been to a meeting since August, so it was good to get back together with the old gang.  We have a great group who not only is thoughtful about the needs of the parish, but gets along so well as people.  Meetings can many times be very mundane, but our group always maintains a wonderful spirit and manages a lot of laughter.  If you have never served on our council, please consider doing so when nominations roll around again this spring.

– Finally, I must wish God’s speed and my prayers for the repose of the soul of Ed Crow.  Ed put up a valient battle with cancer, and was such a special person.  No matter what the subject, he could pull a hundred stories out of his pocket about it.  The last long conversation I had with him, we talked about football players of past lore.  He will truly be missed.

–  Well, I plan to do some updating of the website today and tomorrow (I must keep up with Pope Benedict’s expectations).  Healthwise, I’m still battling with the same head symptoms.  I’ve been going to the chiropractor and I continue to seek a firm answer.  I’m happy to report that I’ve lost about 30 pounds now and my blood pressure is in check.  As I’ve told people, I’m fine from the neck down, it’s the neck up that’s still the problem (come to think of it, I think it’s always been that way). 

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the winter weather (blah)!  Peace.


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