December 26, 2009 – All I Want For Christmas ….

I hope you had a great Christmas celebration and that the rest of your holiday season brings good times with friends and family.  At first I wasn’t going to do a blog because I thought well, it’s Christmas and nobody is going to be fooling around on the internet (besides me, of course).  Lo and behold when I checked this morning there were 40 page views on the church website on Christmas Eve, and 30 on Christmas Day!  Don’t you people have a life (ha, ha)?  So I thought I would do a quick blog and share just a couple of thoughts.

When it gets close to Christmas, some of the news and sports programs do a “fantasy” Christmas list – a list of gifts that they would give people if they had the ability to do so.  So in the tradition of stealing other people’s ideas, here is my fantasy wish list:

To the St. Louis Cardinals – to re-sign Matt Holliday, bring in another player or two, and hang an 11th world championship banner. 

To the Chicago Cubs – nothing.   They are fine the way they are.

To the St. Louis Rams – a new owner and someone to run the organization who actually knows something about football.

To Kurt Warner – one more Super Bowl before he hangs up the cleats.

To Pope Benedict XVI – one Christmas Mass without having to absorb a flying tackle.

To Father Gene – more remote-controlled accessories (door locks, church lights, etc.).

To Kathy Albrecht – a self serve beverage machine at the KC.

To our fair city – smooth roads (I’ll settle for one to start).

To Barack Obama –  the backbone to stand up to congressional leaders, etc. and do what HE thinks is right.

To our parish – a year free from leaky roofs, broken pipes, and other maintenance disasters.

To our website – all kinds of neat new photos and innovations.

To our world – a year of peace, prosperity and a step closer to resolving all of our conflicts.

To my Mom –  anything and everything she wants.

To yours truly – a new head (an ugly one would suffice).

Just a quick update on my health: I saw the doctor and had bloodwork done last week.  Got some good news – my blood sugar was way down and my cholestrol was down.  I also have lost 25 lbs. in about 3 months (although I may have gained a pound or two the last couple of days – I didn’t realize how good real cheese would taste after all this time).  But not everything came up roses – my blood pressure was up again and I was put on new medication which didn’t agree with me at all  – my heart rate went way up and I didn’t feel well at all – so I’m back on the old medication until we figure something else out next week.  And I’m still experiencing the same symptoms with my head.  But I did enjoy a quiet and pleasant Christmas Day yesterday and am ready to turn the page and tackle another year.

Just one more note: Since I have had to miss quite a few parish events over the last few months, if you have any photos of anything that took place during the fall or during the holidays, I would love to post them on our website.  Our photos page is one of the more popular ones.  You can drop photos off at the parish office and I can scan them and get them back to you.  Or you can e-mail them to me at

I wish you and your family a Happy and safe New Year and all of the best in 2010.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and cooperation and I hope to be back in the game in 2010.  You are the best.  Peace.


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