August 14, 2009 – Where Has the Summer Gone?

Well I think the title of the blog this week kind of says it all – where has the summer gone?  All of the sudden we have school starting next week, the Popeye Picnic coming in a little less than a month, our Parish Mission in about 6 weeks, and of course football is starting to get into swing again.  Time always seems to go so fast, but I think it goes especially fast in the summertime.

I offer my prayers and best wishes to our school teachers, staff, parents and students for a great year in 2009-2010.  I continue to be amazed at what our school accomplishes each year.  It is always a struggle for a parochial school to keep the doors open, much less to thrive, especially considering the current economic climate and the relatively small size of our parish.  We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated group of teachers and staff, most of who have been here for a number of years and who could have easily gone to other places for more money.  We are also blessed to have great kids in our school and to have caring parents who encourage their children in their studies and activities and who also volunteer so much of their time for fundraisers, etc.  And we also must recognize all of the other folks who give of their time and money even though they do not have children in school.  In particular we need to give a shout out to the crew who has been working to install the new library roof (finally got some dry weather!) and those helping to clean-up.  Our school is a very special place, and the love and generosity of so many great people will keep it that way for years to come.

OK, last week I mentioned that I was struggling to find a topic to talk about.  Well this week one landed right in my lap.  As you know I am a HUGE sports fan.  I admit that I am actually looking forward to the Rams pre-season game tonight.  I admit that when I am in my office at work that I sometimes flip on sports-talk radio.  I admit that I am in need of a psychological evaluation (that’s a topic for another time).  Today, however, most of the conversation was about issues taking place off the field.  First there is the Michael Vick story.  Michael Vick was a one-time exciting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons who spent 18 months in  prison for running a dog fighting operation.  He was just recently released from prison and has been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, and will make over a million dollars this year.  There is also the story of Rick Pitino, head basketball coach at the University of Louisville.  There are conflicting stories, but apparently in 2003 he had a one-time “fling” with a woman in a restaurant, the woman ends up pregnant, has an abortion, and the coach pays her money to cover the abortion (the coach is Catholic by the way).  Now there are charges against the woman for extortion, and the woman now claims that she was raped.  Great stuff, eh?  So most of the conversation this morning was centered around whether Vick should be allowed to play football again, and whether the coach should be allowed to continue coaching.

My first reaction to all of this was to turn the radio off.  One of the main reasons that I love sports so much is that it is a nice refuge from “real world” stuff.  When I sit down to watch a game, I’m not thinking about how much money the players are making, or who is taking steroids, or who cheated on who’s spouse.  When I watch a game, I watch because I want to be entertained.  So after I flipped the radio off, I thought to myself – is it wrong for me to root for players and other sports figures who I know have committed a wrong, whether it be a criminal or moral wrong, or should I just ignore it because again, I just want to be entertained?

This is another situation where there really is no black – and – white clear answer.  I think in any form of entertainment, whether it be music, TV, movies, etc., there will be people involved who have committed wrongs, so it’s really impossible to avoid supporting someone by watching or listening to them, or buying tickets to a game in which they are involved.  I think the important thing for us to remember is to be a witness to others by living our lives as God has taught us, and to stand up for our own moral beliefs.  I think our Parish Mission will be a great opportunity to renew our sense of moral values and to help us sort through some of these tough questions.  I love to know what you think of this topic – feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks again for reading, and for continuing to spread the word about our website, which has had quite a bit of traffic so far this month.  Until next week, Peace.

2 Responses to “August 14, 2009 – Where Has the Summer Gone?”

  1. Rose C. Says:

    As I read your blog concerning Michael Vick and Rick Pitino, I wanted to scream out, “Keep them out of the public view; never let them play or coach again!” But were we not commanded to forgive one another? Jesus forgave sinners while on the cross. Should we not also forgive? Let’s give them one more chance, and if they lead good moral lives, it would be a signal that there is hope for all sinners. However, if they again do terrible things, that’s it! They would not be good role models for our youth…or anyone else for that matter. Let’s hope that they have learned their lesson and will now use their God-given talents to inspire us and to teach us that forgiveness is a good thing.

  2. maryhoc Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Aunt Rose! I guess the issue I struggle with is that would these people get another chance if they weren’t famous sports figures? The Eagles didn’t sign Michael Vick because they feel he has paid his debt to society, or that they want to show forgiveness – they want to win football games. But I fully agree with your point – we are to be forgiving people, and if they can turn their lives around, they can be good role models for our youth.

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