August 7, 2009 – Mumbo Jumbo

Welcome back to my blog.  As I sit at my computer this Friday evening life from this perspective is pretty good – I’m listening to the radio and Matt Holliday just homered for the Cardinals, and I’m looking out my window at the sun setting on a niceFriday evening.  Good stuff.  I also just looked at my blog statistics and it shows that this the 80th blog that I am filing.  I’m not sure if it is because I have already touched on a lot of subjects, or if it’s just one of those days, but normally when it is time to file a blog I usually kind of just start thinking about things maybe a day or so ahead of time and I try to pay a little more attention to things I observe or hear and see if they would make interesting subject matter.  I’ve been doing that the last day or two and well – nothing, nada, squat.  I don’t know if its because I just haven’t picked up on things, or if there really hasn’t been anything interesting cross my eyes and ears.  Knowing me, I probably just haven’t picked up on things.  So for this blog I will just be winging it as I go along.  Keep reading if you dare!

One item I have been paying attention to on the news is the use of “Twitter”, especially in the sports world.  As you probably know our website,, has its own Twitter page on which I occassionally post updates or random thoughts.  It’s nice for me because I can be at any computer with internet access and post items.  You can also post from a cell phone (although I haven’t quite reached that point yet).  It’s also a convenient way to follow other websites that have their own Twitter page.  If you have visited our Twitter page,, you see that I follow about 10 other Twitter accounts, including EWTN, Catholic News Service, and of course the St. Louis Cardinals page.  I can click on these icons and see what is new and interesting on these other websites.  So it is certainly a valuable tool.  However, like most internet tools, there are people who try to go out of bounds in their intended use, such as trying to post offensive materials.  It has also gotten a lot of conversation in the sports world.  The Green Bay Packers have banned their players from “tweeting” if they are participating in any football-related activities.  A player from the San Diego Chargers was fined for posting how bad the food was in training camp.  ESPN has banned their reporters from tweeting any updates because they want the information posted on their official website before it gets out anywhere else.  So I will keep tweeting because I think its a valuable tool, and believe me, you’ll never get any complaints about the food at my house!

As I mentioned before, with this year being declared the Year for Priests by Pope Benedict XVI, from time to time I will say a few words about the priests who have impacted my life.  Today I want to recognize Fr. Tom Stout.  Fr. Tom was a teacher and chaplain at Gibault High School my Freshman and Sophomore years.  Fr. Tom is a soft-spoken and generous priest.  Until I got into high school my perspective of priests was that they were devout, pious men who lived lives very different from lay people.  Fr. Tom helped me discover that priests are “real” people also, who deal with the same ups and downs, the same triumphs and problems that everyone else does.  Fr. Tom was the first priest who I was comfortablepulling up a chair with and talking to about everything from school to religion to sports.  He truly cares about young people, having done much work with CYO and youth retreats.

Fr. Tom was also Vocation Director when I was toying with the idea of enrolling in the seminary.  I eventually did not follow that path, because I knew in my heart of hearts that I just could not 100% commit myself to a vocation that requires so much dedication.  Fr. Tom certainly did a wonderful sales pitch, but he also made it clear that the Lord will tell you what path He wants you to follow, and I think I followed the right path.  Fr. Tom recently transferred to Sacred Heart Parish in DuQuoin.  Please pray for him and all of our priests that find happiness and fulfillment in their ministry.

Well as I have been sitting here the Pirates have scored 4 runs to take the lead on my Redbirds, so I better end this quickly.  With the forecast being a hot, hot weekend, it will be a good time to work on some Mission stuff, such as sending info to neighboring parishes, writing articles for the newspapers, etc., etc.  Can you believe the Mission is only 7 weeks away?  Can you believe that school is about a week and a half away?  Time marches on.

Oh, one more thing – heard a cute joke to share, even though the timing is a little off.  An Irish gentleman always ordered three beers at a time when he was at the local pub.  Finally curiosity got the best of the bartender, who asked him why he always ordered his beer 3 mugs at a time.  The Irishman said “well, you see, my one brother is in Australia, and my other brother is in Scotland.  We made a promise to each other that when we weren’t together, that we would drink a beer for ourselves and a beer in honor of each other.”  A few weeks later the bartender noticed that the Irishman was only ordering two beers at a time.  The bartender assumed that one of the brothers must have passed on.  So the bartender approached the Irishman and said “I don’t want to pry, but I just wanted to extend my sympathies to you on the loss of your brother.”  The Irishman looked confused at first, and then realizing what was going on, said “Oh don’t worry.  My two brothers are fine and dandy.  You see, I gave up drinking beer for Lent!”. 

Stay cool this weekend! Peace.


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