July 18, 2009 – The Good Old Days

Wow, what a beautiful day!  This is one of those days when you walk out the door and all of the sudden you have a little better outlook on things.  The cool fresh air, a Cardinal victory last night, ah life is good!  I had mentioned last week that I had hoped to read at least part of Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical “Caritas in Veritate”, and to blog about it.  Well, I’m still hoping to do this.  Some very important things got in the way this past week – home run derby, all-star game, etc. etc.  Anyway, hopefully I can get to that topic in the near future.  Our prayers by the way go out to Pope Benedict as he recovers from his surgery on his broken wrist.

This month of July has certainly seen its share of celebrity deaths, with the latest being Walter Cronkite.  I can remember as a little kid that we would have supper around 5:00PM and then Walter Cronkite would come on TV to deliver the news.  With all of our means of getting news now, whether it be by TV, internet, cell phone, etc., it was kind of nice back in those days to just have a set time and a set person to get our news from.  You felt like you could trust the information you were getting and you trusted the person delivering the news.  Now there are multiple news sources such as Fox and CNN, and of course all of the internet sources, that try to get our attention by sensationalizing the news and worrying more about getting to a story first than getting a story right.  That’s one of the things I miss about the way the world was years ago.

I’ve said before and I still believe that things moved at a slower pace say 20-30 years ago.  Now it seems everyone has 100 things on their plate to do at once.  But of course there are some things we have now that I wouldn’t want to give up.  I would not want to be without my cell phone, especially in an emergency such as car failure.  I would not want to go back to the old vinyl records.  You first had to say a quick prayer that all the mechanisms on the record player worked, then you had to try to find the song you were looking for, and finally when it all worked, you had a scratchy, muffled version of a song.  Give me my CD’s and I-pod any day!  I also would not want to go back to the old cars with no fuel injection.  The first car I drove was a 1970 Mercury Marquis.  The thing would take up 3 parking spaces the way lots are laid out now.  And in cold weather – well if you pumped the gas pedal too little, no go.  Pump it too much, engine flooded.  I’m grateful that you can now pretty much count on hopping into vehicle and being ready to go.

I guess my point this week is that there is nothing wrong with being nostalgic, while at the same time embracing the advances that continue to take place.  As they say, life is about change and nothing ever stays the same.  And there is always some type of loss that comes with change.  But there is also something to be gained with what is in the future also.  One Sunday morning I was flipping through the channels and of course there was the usual lot of TV evangelists on.  One of them was particularly energetic so I stopped to listen a little bit, and he said something that continues to stick with me.  He said “we are always so worried about tomorrow, because we forget about what happened yesterday.”  In other words, God has guided us from our past to today, and there is no reason to believe that He will not do the same for us tomorrow.  Then the TV evangelist asked for my money (ha, ha).

I’m a little late in cranking this blog out so I’ll leave it at that.  The first letter with information about our Parish Mission went out early this week, so if you didn’t receive yours, you should be shortly.  Please share the information with anyone you think would enjoy the Mission experience.  Even if it is someone you assume would say “no”, ask them anyway.  Make them tell you no.  And who knows, maybe they will just say “yes.”  After all, life is about change.

Thanks again for reading.  Enjoy the gorgeous weather.  Peace.


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