July 11, 2009 – More Random Thoughts

I threw another curve ball at you – back to a Saturday blog.  Have to keep everyone on their toes!  I see on my blog report that 3 people already checked the blog today, so I guess I better get cranking.  The problem is that I really don’t have a lot to talk about this week, so I’ll just throw out some random bits and see where it goes.  I have to admit that this past week was somewhat of a lazy one for me.  I didn’t have any meetings or anything to attend and I was pretty well caught up on other things, so I spent my evenings catching up on my Cardinal baseball and other somewhat useless activities.  I’m looking forward to watching the All-Star Game on Tuesday (Monday night I will be conducting a prayer vigil in hope that Albert Pujols doesn’t blow out his elbow in the Home Run Derby).  Another sign I’m getting old(er) – 10 years ago if someone offered me a chance to attend an All-Star Game, I think I would have jumped at the chance.  Now I’m content to huddle by the TV with my favorite snacks and enjoy in the peaceful solitude of home.

–  Good luck and best wishes to those who will be attending and conducting our Vacation Bible School this coming week.  At last report there were over 50 kids who registered – right around the same number as last year.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our DRE, Cheryl Gross who always does a fantastic job in organizing the event.  She literally works on this for months to make sure that everything is set and ready to go.  We also must of course thank all of the volunteers who will be giving up their summer evenings for a week for the benefit of our kids.  Thanks a lot everyone!

–  Be watching your mailboxes for the first mailing about our upcoming Parish Mission.  It will include a letter from Fr. Gene as well as a brochure jam-packed with information about the Mission.  And as I always remind you – keep reminding your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. about the Mission.  It is not too late if you would like to submit the name of someone you would like to have an invitation sent to for the Mission.

– Keep sending out your prayers this week to all of the priests who are taking on new assignments effective this Tuesday the 14th, including of course our former pastor, Msgr Dennis who will now be pastor at Red Bud.  Also pray for our cluster parishes who will see changes in leadership.  St. Boniface in Evansville will now have Fr. Rafi Kuttukaran as their new administrator (Fr. Jack Joyce is moving to St. Barbara’s in Okawville).  Also, St. Pius in Walsh will now be joined with Our Lady of Lourdes in Sparta, with Fr. Lawrence continuing as administrator of Our Lady of Lourdes and now also assuming administration of St. Pius.  In this year for priests, pray for them and all of priests for contentment in their ministry and for their health and well-being.

–  You may have seen on the news or on the internet that Pope Benedict XVI has released his third encyclical titled “Caritas in Veritate”, or “Charity in Truth”.  I have not read a lot of it yet, so I think I will save commentary on it until I have studied it a little more.  It is basically a writing in response to the global economic crisis.  To read the encyclical and to read comments about it, you can click on this link:


I am not worried about having material for blogging over the next few weeks.  As I look at my calendar, I see after this week that the meetings start in again, and of course there’s still a lot to be planned for our Parish Mission.  Thanks again for visiting and reading each week.  There was one day this week in which there were 14 hits on the blog!  Must have been a slow, slow day!  Have a great week!  Go Cardinals!  Peace.


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