Friday, June 26, 2009 – The Trouble With the Truth

I think this is several weeks in a row now that I have posted a blog on a Friday.  No particular reason, just has worked out that way.  I hope you have gotten used to the new format of the blog.  The new service I am using allows me to track the number of daily visits to the blog, and how those visitors get to the blog, whether it be from the church website, etc.  Kind of neat.  I hope our heat wave hasn’t taken too much of a toll on you.  It appears that we may see at least some relief in the coming week. 

There certainly has not been a lack of news this week.  Form the continuing unrest in Iran, to the deaths of 3 famous celebrities (the old saying came true again, that celebrities die in groups of 3), to yet another politician having to admit to an extramarital affair.  With all of this news of course comes a lot of analysis by the so-called experts.  In the case of the SouthCarolina governor, the topic that was being thrown out was whether he should step down as governor.  Obviously an important question, but at no time did any of the conversations turn to the question of why he did not tell the truth in the first place, or why he felt he needed to stray from his family.  The sole focus was how this was going to affect his position of power.  One commentator said that “it is a matter of the heart, it is completely separate from politics.”  Another commentator said that he should have said that he was going on a trade mission – considering that South Carolina is one of the largest textile manufacturing states – and then snuck out to see his girlfriend.  Huh?

I guess the comment that I was waiting to hear, and the comment that I wait to hear in any of these types of situations, is can we trust someone who would commit an act that is morally wrong, and on top of that try to hide the act and eventually lie about it?  Does this person really know right from wrong, and does this person really have a full concept of the truth?

On the surface, you would think that the concept of truth would be an easy one to understand.  Be a straight shooter, call a spade a spade, come clean.  No problem, right?  So if it is so straight-forward, why is it that so many people struggle to grasp it?  The struggle to find truth certainly is not a new struggle.  Before Jesus was put to death and was before Pilate, Jesus made the statement that “I came to bring truth to the world.  All who love the truth are my followers.”  To which Pilate replied “What is truth?”  Is it that people really do not have a hold on what the truth is, or are they afraid of the consequences that revealing the truth may lead to?  I tend to think it is the latter.  Look at the baseball players who have used performance enhancing drugs.  The few who have come clean and admitted their usage have basically been forgiven, and have gone on with their careers and lives.  But many continue to deny the obvious, fearing that coming clean will cheapen their career accomplishments. 

I have mentioned before that I am a fan of country music – not just because of the tune of the songs, but because there are some great lyrics that really put life into perspective.  One of my favorite singers is Patty Loveless, and some years back she put out a song called “The Trouble With The Truth.”  One of the lines in the song says that “The trouble with the truth is its just what I need to hear … it’s everything I want and it’s everything I fear.”  Powerful words.  We want to seek the truth but we don’t want to see what the truth holds.

I didn’t write this blog to get up on a moral “high – horse”, or to become the truth police.  God and everyone know that I have plenty of flaws of my own, as do all of us.  But this shouldn’t stop us from striving to continue to spread the message that the truth, no matter what our definition of it is, is what we as Christians should be ultimately striving for, because as Jesus said, “I came to bring truth to the world.”   

Just a couple of wrap-up thoughts: Please pray for the priests of the Diocese who have received new assignments, that they may have smooth transitions into the new chapters of their ministries, particularly our former pastor, Msgr. Dennis, who will now be pastor of Red Bud and canonical pastor of Ruma.

Finally, we continue to work on planning for our parish mission.  There are extra Mission prayer cards on the radiators in the back of church.  Feel free to take one home or take one to someone who would like to pray for the success of our Mission.  Also, we have scheduled a planning meeting for Tuesday, July 28 at 7:00PM in the Parish House.  If you have volunteered to help with the Mission or would just like to know more about it, you are invited to come to the meeting.  Keep spreading the word about the Mission and invite, invite, invite!

Thanks again for reading.  Have a happy and safe upcoming 4th of July weekend.  Peace.


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