January 24, 2009 – Just a Few Thoughts

Seems like a good time to once again do a “bits” blog – just some random thoughts that have been floating in my head.  This is always dangerous territory because it is difficult for my brain to process more than one thought at a time, but we’ll give it a shot.

I witnessed a true real-life miracle yesterday.  After two days of intense searching and praying, I finally found what had been so elusive – an empty bay at the car wash!  Good thing because our cold winter air has returned with a vengence.

On the homepage of our website, www.maryhoc.org, one of the things you will find is a “featured link”, in which I put a link to a website that has caught my eye or one that I find useful.  The link that is there now will take you to the Vatican’s “YouTube” channel.  This was put up just this past week.  It has short video clips of some of the Pope’s public appearances as well as other items surrounding the Vatican.  It also has other links to Vatican resources such as Vatican radio.  What could be next – maybe a Benedict blog?

I’m sure you caught at least some of the coverage of the inauguration and the transition to President Obama.  It does amaze me that after well over 200 years that the transition of power from one President to another remains peacefully intact.  We certainly are facing our share of problems as a country right now, but we are still a very fortunate people to live in a democratic society where we can worship freely and have a chance to pursue our goals.  Many people in the world can only dream of such an existence.

This past week also put a focus on pro-life issues as the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade judgement was marked.  We as Catholic christians need to remain informed and to continue to make our views heard – not just on certain days, but throughout the year.  We need to also keep in touch with our legislators.  Yesterday President Obama reversed an executive order and will now allow international groups to receive federal funding to promote and fund abortions overseas.  I’m sure there will be other legislation coming as well, including the Freedom of Choice Act that was spoken about in church this past weekend.  A good website to keep informed on these issues is www.nchla.org.  It includes links to find out more about these issues and how to get in touch with our representatives via e-mail.

Talk about being on a high and then crashing to a low – last Sunday the Arizona Cardinals won the conference championship and a trip to the Super Bowl.  The Cardinals had not won a championship game since 1946.  I was rooting hard for them mainly because of Kurt Warner and his incredible comeback story.  But then after the game during the trophy presentation, the trophy is handed to Bill Bidwell, one of the most incompetent and cheap owners ever to exist.  The man who gave us so many years of bad football was now holding the championship trophy over his head.  If the Cubs end up winning the World Series in my lifetime, well, let’s just not go there.

Finally, we celebrate Catholic Schools Week this coming week.  I once again thank everyone who works so hard and gives so generously to keep our school such a wonderful place to learn.  We certainly can point with pride to our teachers and staff and students for their accomplishments.  Let us never take this centerpiece of our parish for granted. 

Time to let the old brain cool down.  Peace.     


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