October 18, 2008 – Imagine If …

One of the great pleasures (and at times challenges) that I have had over the last 10 years or so has been teaching the 7th and 8th grade PSR class.  I still enjoy it very much because it is a good feeling to see kids take an interest in religion and in how God can play such a prominent role in their life.  I also receive a great benefit from it because I think at times I learn just as much or more than the kids do about my faith.  When I am preparing for a class and I come across an interesting story or a scripture passage that I don’t quite think I have a total grasp of, it motivates me to learn more about it.

In our class the past few weeks we have been discussing the topic of “Meeting Jesus”.  We have been taking a look at Jesus life here on earth in terms of the friends that He had, the people who He hung around with, the compassion He showed toward the less fortunate, and other aspects of His life.  This past week we talked about Jesus as a teacher.  We looked at how He would many times teach in parables, and His courage to teach despite the protests of the elders and scribes.  We also talked about how amazing it was that He could draw a large crowd of people without the benefit of any type of communication device except for word of mouth, and of course without the benefit of any type of transportation besides going on foot.

Can you imagine if Jesus would appear on earth now with the powerful communication devices that we have at our disposal?  With the internet, we can reach the world with virtually the push of a button.  And of course there are cell phones, faxes, etc.  Could you imagine receiving a message on your voice mail saying that “This is Jesus, I will be preaching at the town square at 3:00PM today, and I would love for you to be there.  Hop in your car and follow me.” 

I guess the point I am trying to get at is that if Jesus could draw a massive crowd of people under the conditions of His time, imagine what we can do with the technology available to us.  We can spread the word of Jesus’ message with virtually the push of a button.  We also have access to so much wonderful material that can enhance our spiritual life.  On our website, www.maryhoc.org, we have an extensive links page where you can link to prayer pages, scripture reflections, websites dealing with marriage, charitable organizations, etc.  I plan in the near future to try to re-organize this page to make it a little easier to navigate around, but I encourage you to see what is there and take advantage of it.  With as many links as we have on there, I’m sure there are many others that I am not aware of yet.  If you have a favorite website that you enjoy, let me know and I can link people to it.

One of the things I like to do once in a while is to link to the website of the Belleville Diocese.  If you click on “parishes”, you can get information about each parish, and they also provide a link to the parish website if the parish has one.  I find it fun and interesting to see what is going on in other parishes, read their bulletins, and to get some ideas from websites that are much more impressive than mine.  The word “Catholic” means universal, and the internet is certainly a convenient and powerful way that we as church can stay in touch with one another.  The internet is of course filled with offensive and inaccurate material, but it is also filled with valuable information as well, so we shouldn’t be afraid to delve in and see what is there, and to support those websites that are providing us material that can enhance our spiritual lives.

I hope you continue to check out our little website and see what is new.  I have just added a page of photos from the “Salute to the 90’s” reception that was held last Saturday for our “more experienced” parishioners.  You can access the page by going to our homepage, or by clicking this link:


Thank you to Mary Brown who provided the photos for us.  Thank you also to our ladies and KC members who made all of last weekend’s events so special.  Don’t forget about our appreciation brunch next Sunday the 26th after 9:00AM Mass.  Even if you didn’t have a chance to submit the number in your family that were coming, you can certainly still join us.  We appreciate all that our parishioners do!

Happy web surfing!  Peace.

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