September 20, 2008 – Fall Is Here!

Welcome to the last blog entry of the “summer”, as Monday is the first day of autumn.  It certainly doesn’t seem like the fall season yet.  In fact, much of the year has had kind of a “spring” feel to it, with lots of rain and everything continuing to stay green.  I’m sure our farmers right now would be happy to have a break from the rain so their crops can dry and they can get into the fields for the harvest.

If I had to choose a favorite season out of the year, I would pick autumn, with the cool temperatures and of course the beauty of the leaves turning.  And on a personal note, fall to me means football and lots of pumpkin flavored things (have you ever had the pumpkin donuts from Krispy Kreme?  KILLER!).  I have often wondered what it would be like to live someplace where the climate basically stays the same year-round, and where you wouldn’t have the opportunity to see the changing landscape of the different seasons.  I think I prefer the landscape of the good-old Midwest, where you can enjoy the re-birth of spring, the beauty of the fall, and the Kodak moment of a wet snowfall clinging to the trees.  There is no place that God is present more than in the awesomeness of his creations.

I want to send out a thank you to those who helped in any way with the K of C Tootsie Roll drive this weekend – to Mike and Danny for their time in organizing everything, those who collected money, and of course all of those who generously gave a few bucks.  I collected on Friday evening, and I thought with the state of our economy that many people would pass on by, but I was pleasantly surprised that many people still stopped and gave a donation.

It is extremely difficult to approach the subject of giving, particularly with our hard economic times we are facing.  Most folks are very generous and are doing all they can to contribute to various causes, including our parish.  However, the reality is that our parish suffers during these tough times as well.  We are continuing to explore ways to aid our financial situation, which include seeking higher rates of return on our investments, and continuing to encourage everyone to include the church in their wills and bequests.  I just received some information from the Diocese this past week that I will be posting on our website soon which will talk about planned giving and various ways you can help the church through your bequests and investments.  Know that your efforts in supporting our church through your stewardship, fundraising, etc. are always appreciated.

I received a pleasant surprise in the mail this past week – a memo from the Chancery that the Bishop wants to meet with the Diocesan Pastoral Council next month to discuss issues affecting our Diocese.  I hope that this is a step in improving our communications between the laity and our Bishop.  I will certainly report to you what we discussed and where things stand in our Diocese after we meet.

Well, us Cardinal fans can stick out our chests for at least one day – a 12 to 6 rout of the Cubbies yesterday!  With the way things have gone for us lately, we’ll take any thing we can get!

Enjoy the fall season.  Peace. 


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