September 5, 2008 – Happy Popeye ….

I’m bucking my usual tradition and posting my blog on a late Friday afternoon.  With the Popeye Picnic and surrounding events going on this weekend, I wasn’t sure where I was going to be at and at what time, so I thought it best to go ahead and type my entry while I had the chance.  I wish everyone a “Happy Popeye Weekend”, or “Happy Popeye Picnic”, or “Happy Popeye Picnic Weekend”; I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is.  Anyway, have fun and stay safe, and if you are able, check out the events that support our parish and school, including the Smorgasboard at the K of C on Sunday from 11:00 – 2:00, the sacred concert in church on Sunday from 2:00-3:00 (dedicated to the memory of Sue Reiman), and the hidden talent show in the school gym at 3:30 on Sunday.

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend.  It was a good change of pace weekend for me.  I took a couple of extra days off of work and made a long weekend out of it.  I became spoiled not having to get up at 5:15 in the morning to head off to work, but it’s nice to get out of the usual routine now and then.  Just because I didn’t post a blog last weekend doesn’t mean that I gave my computer a rest. In fact, we were able to add a couple of new, neat features to our website.  The first is a page dedicated to Fr. Allen Maes, OMI.  Fr. Allen, as you know, is a native of our parish, and his mother and sister are active members of our parish to this day.  Fr. Allen is celebrating his 40th jubilee of ordination, and so Fr. Gene and I put together a web page with some old and current photos, as well as some other information about Fr. Allen.  To check it out, you can click on this link:

Also, I promised a little while back that on September 1, I would have a web page up dedicated to the rich history of our parish.  Well, it was late in the day on September 1, but nonetheless I was able to get this page up.  It includes some of the historical dates of our parish, a page dedicated to our pastors (past and present), and and a page of some photos of the past from the church and school.  You can click on this link to see this page:

The history page will continue to be a work in progress as I try to find out more about our history.  If you have any dates you would like to see included, or if you have some old parish photos you can share, e-mail me at, or drop them off at the parsh office.  I have a scanner that will copy the photos and I guarantee they will be returned to you.

Our parish council met on August 27.  As usual we discussed many issues impacting our parish and the church as a whole.  We also elected officers for the coming year.  It was decided to retain the same slate of officers from the previous year – myself as President, Tom Sauer as Vice President, and Janet Vasquez as Secretary.  I joked to the Council that if I serve another year or two as President, that they will have to start calling me FDR.  In all seriousness, it is an honor to know that our group continues to have the confidence in me to stay in this position.  I have never been a part of a bad group – every one has been a joy to work with and very cooperative, and I am pleased to inform you that this year’s group appears to be no different.  This group is your representative – if there is something that you feel we need to address as a parish, please let myself or one of the council members know and we will add it to our agenda.  You can keep up with our group and read the minutes from our meetings by clicking here:

I had the opportunity to watch most of our presidential and vice-presidential candidates deliver their speeches to their respective party conventions.  I thought all of the speeches were well-crafted and delivered well.  But frankly, as I have stated in the past, I came away not really knowing much more about where these people stand on the issues, and particularly what policies they plan to implement if they get into office.  My hope is that the upcoming debates will shed some light on this.  I will also have to do some more research on my own.  Frankly I have not decided yet who I am voting for, and I have a feeling it will be a decision that will come late in the game.

Well, I think I have rambled enough for one day.  I was grateful for a couple of things this past week: that Hurricane Gustav didn’t do the damage that many had feared that it would, and that it is now FOOTBALL season!  I am a football junkie, and only a football junkie can appreciate the low that you feel when the Super Bowl is over, and the high that you feel when the new season finally arrives.  And along with the football season we’ve also gotten football weather.  Temperatures in the 50’s?  Maybe an early fall this year?  We’ll see.



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