August 16, 2008 – More of Brian’s “Bits”

This seemed like one of those times again that I would just give a few random thoughts on what is floating in my head (protect the women and children! Ha, ha).

I have to admit that I have been paying a little more attention to the Olympics than I thought I would.  I certainly have not watched every minute of it, but I have been going to my trusty computer to check out some of the results and watch some of the highlights.  As with every Olympics, there are some stories that develop that draw one’s interest.  The most captivating moment for me so far was the women’s gymnastics team event when the U.S. gymnast fell off the balance beam and then fell on the floor exercise – perhaps costing the team a gold medal.  I can’t imagine the pressure of such a situation, being in your late teens or early 20’s and having to hit each maneuver perfectly.  I hope that the blame is not put squarely on her shoulders, and that this doesn’t haunt her life going forward.  It is after all, just sports!?!?

There was a discussion on the radio the other day about whether God really cares about the outcome of a sporting event or game, and that if someone prayed to God to win a game or to make a big play, if this would really have an impact on things.  For example, when the Rams had their Super Bowl years, Kurt Warner was very outspoken about his Christian faith and prayer life.  Would God favor him over the other team, or is the game played out on its own?  I can certainly see someone praying to stay safe during a game, and to pray to do their best, but does this really impact the outcome? Does God really favor the Cardinals over the Cubs?  One of life’s mysteries.  Can you imagine if the Cardinals get the wild card birth and the Cardinals played the Cubs in the playoffs?  Oh, the novenas that would be going on then!

Where did the summer go?  School starts Tuesday!  Is it just me, or does school start earlier each year?  I went to Perryville yesterday, and I kept passing by school buses, and I thought “what in the world is going on here?”.  Then I remembered that their schools started already on Thursday.  Wow!  At least we are getting a break in the weather at the start of school here.  Normally it feels like a sauna when school starts, but we are still in the 80’s!  Thanks be to God!  Let’s offer our prayers to all of our students and teachers and staff as they gear up for another year.

Us Catholics are mostly creatures of habit, I think.  We like to go to Mass and have everything the same as it always has been, the same familiar songs, the same prayers that we know in our head.  Well creatures of habit, in a few years your world will be officially “rocked”.  There are revisions in the Order of the Mass that have been officially approved, and will certainly affect what the priest says and how we respond during Mass.  These changes will nt take effect until at least 2011, but us creatures of habit will certainly need an adjustment period.  I’ve just begun to read more about this, but my understanding is that this new translation is more accurate to the Latin text, and also invokes more closely the images presented in the Bible.  Here are a couple of examples of the new translation: At points of the Mass when we respond “and also with you,” we will now have to respond “and with your spirit.”  The Penitential Act, Gloria and Nicene Creed will also be revised.  Also, when we sing the Sanctus, instead on singing “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of power and might,” we will sing “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts.”  These are just some of the many changes taking place.  If you would like to read about it, here is a link to the page on the USCCB website:

We will certainly be talking more about this as time goes on.

Be sure to keep checking out our website also,  Many more items have been added to the monthly calendar, and I will be putting some new items on the bulletin board later today. If you have an item you would like me to publish on our website, let me know and I am happy to do it.

Have a great first week of school.  Peace.


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