July 26, 2008 – Seeking Inspiration

Hello again,

Well I have been doing this blogging thing for about 7 months now.  At first I didn’t know how often I would write an entry, or what the entries would be about, or how long I would even continue the blog, or if anyone would bother reading it – you get the drift.  As time has gone along, it appears that at least a few people are taking a couple of minutes out of their week to read my thoughts (you poor saps, ha ha), and I have kind of gotten into the routine of making an entry each Saturday.  As I have shared with you before, my fear is that one of these days I will sit down at my laptop and nothing will come to mind.  I thought this morning about what I could write about, and really nothing popped into my mind.  So as I sit and begin to type, I am still looking for some type of “inspiration”.

Well, let’s see: I don’t want to talk about the Cardinals (too depressing after this week), so I go and scope the news headlines.  I figured the top headline would be something about the economy or politics, but no – the top headline is: “Formerly Pregnant Man Shows Off New Baby.”  OK, moving on then.  I now tap my fingers on my desk and wonder where to turn next.  I turn to the left and next to my desk is my bookshelf, and I think to myself that a lot of these books have been sitting on the shelf for quite some time.  In our technology-filled world, it is so easy to log on to the internet and find virtually everything we need.  I admittedly do not take the time that I should to grab one of my dust-covered books and do some hardcore reflection.

One of my books gives a brief reflection of the Sunday readings, and as I turned to this Sunday, the focus is on the first line of the second reading: “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love God, who are called according to the divine purpose.”  This really sums up our mission as Catholic Christians, doesn’t it?  We are asked to work for good along with God. and God has given us the gifts to fulfill this mission.  I have been asked in the past why I take on things like teaching PSR, parish council, and for the last year or so keeping up our website.  Sometimes it is a difficult question to answer, but this line from Scripture I think makes the answer more clear – it is my way of working with God (not for God, but with God) in spreading the message of His Good News.  Is what I am doing enough?  Well, only God knows that, but that is what having faith is about, believing that our sacrifices are enough and that we will receive God’s eternal reward.

When I do teach religion classes, one thing I try to stress is to open the Bible and listen to the Scripture readings at Mass, and try to grasp God’s message.  We will interpret His message differently than others, which is OK, because God made all of us unique.  My challenge is to pry myself away from the internet and my other electronic gadgest on occasion and  pick up my Bible or other book, and spend some quailty time with my God.  Maybe this is a challenge we all need to work on.

But of course, there is much usefulness on our world wide web, and when used properly, can be a great tool for all of us.  I again say thank you to those who continue to come up to me and compliment our website, maryhoc.org.  It means a lot to me, and hopefully it is a small way of working with and through God to fulfill His mission of spreading the good news.  Now if He could just spread a little good news on the Cardinals’ bullpen!?

Have a great week ahead.  Peace. 

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