June 28, 2008 – Website Thoughts

Well we certainly got a taste of summertime this past week.  It is really ironic that there continues to be all kinds of problems with flooding just to our north, yet in our little neck of the woods some rain would actually be welcome.  Mother Nature gives us the guarantee of one thing – that nothing is guaranteed!  All we can do is accept what comes and make the best of the situation.

Again, not a lot of news to give my thoughts about this week.  I have been doing a little more thinking about our church website and what we can do to continue to improve it and make it more useful.  I again express my appreciation to you who continue to log on to www.maryhoc.org and look at all of the features.  I just looked at the numbers as far as visitors, and this month of June has been the busiest this year in terms of website traffic, with almost 1000 pages viewed.  This is not the amount of people who have logged on, but the number of actual pages viewed.  Still, this is a very nice number.  Today, for example, I figured well, its Saturday, people are doing other things, probably no one logged on today.  However, there were already 32 pages viewed as of 2:00PM.  So again, thank you.

A couple of things I am thinking about for our website: I am hoping over the next few weeks to introduce a newly-designed home page.  I have a lot of information on the home page currently, and I fear that it may be getting a little “cluttered.”  So I hope to work on a more user-friendly design, and to perhaps shift some of the information that is there now to different places. For example, I may put the “bulletin board” as a seperate page to allow for more information and advertising.

Also, I was graced this past week to receive my $600 stimulus check from the good ole’ U.S. Government.  With part of this “windfall” I purchased a camcorder that uses an SD card to record video on.  It also has a feature that allows you to upload video to You Tube.  So I am hoping after some head scratching and keyboard pounding that we may be able to link video to our website of parish events.  Again, these projects are in the future, but something to look forward to.

One thing I encourage you and others to do is to submit the names and a little information for those who are currently serving in the military or who are veterans in our parish to have placed on our military tribute page.  I have gotten just a few entries so far, and certainly have room for plenty more.  Go to the homepage of our website to find out more about how you can have someone included on our page.

With next weekend being a holiday weekend, I plan to take a holiday as well from the blog, unless something dramatic takes place that is worth discussion.  As we approach the 4th of July, we thank God for the freedoms we enjoy and for the opportunity to live in the greatest country in the world.  Current times are certainly tough, and we are bombarded with bad news on a daily basis, but we continue to be a blessed people.  Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.



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