April 6, 2008 – Another St. Mary’s “Tradition”

I waited until Sunday morning to post this blog for a couple of reasons: Number one of course because our dinner/auction was going on Saturday night, and I seriously doubt if anyone brought their laptops to St. Mary’s Gym, and number two, because the morning after the dinner/auction, another St. Mary’s tradition takes hold – the auction “hangover.”  Many may feel like they have a hangover the morning after the auction because they are worn out from working so hard to prepare and worked so hard the night of the auction.  Some may feel like they have a hangover because they wonder where all of their money went to the night before.  And, of course, there may be a few who, well, actually have a hangover!  So this St. Mary’s tradition goes.  Whatever type of hangover you are experiencing, know that your efforts and generosity are appreciated so much.  May the Lord bless you for everything you do to keep our parish operational and vital.

As our parish turns, our next big event is not far away.  Monday, April 28, we will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation with 15 of our 7th/8th grade students from St. Mary’s School and PSR, and also we will be joined by 4 students from our cluster parish in Evansville.  Our students have been preparing since the beginning of the school year for this important step in their faith life, and now the big day is almost here.  If possible, I hope you will join us for this celebration on April 28 at 7:00PM, even if you do not have a family member involved in the ceremony.  This is an event that only occurs once every 2 years, and our young people who have put so much time into preparing for this big day deserve our support.  Kudos also go out to Fr. Gene and Cheryl Gross who have been busy preparing for the ceremony, and to Brenda Congiardo who has been preparing the school children for this important sacrament.

This is my 5th go around in preparing the PSR students for Confirmation, and I still get anxious and excited as the day approaches.  However, there is no better feeling than when you see those young people whom you have gotten to know over the course of the year reach the reward that they have been striving for.  The Holy Spirit is a powerful force among us.  Pray that the Spirit be with us through these final days of preparation.

I have to share a little personal encounter with you.  In my last blog I mentioned something to the effect that in an effort to sacrifice a little more to help our parish’s financial situation, that we may want to consider doing something such as eating out one less time per week, etc.  I neglected to think when I wrote this that my 9-year old niece LOVES to eat out, and she took exception to this.  Let me point out that this was only a suggestion, and that I’m sure all of us will find our own means of sacrifice.  So by all means, please continue to support our local eating establishments on occasion.

Finally, as I always manage to do, just a little reminder to continue to log on to our website, www.maryhoc.org, and check out all of the new features that have been added, including a cluster booklet that has been published by our 5 cluster parishes, and many wonderful photos of our stained glass windows in church.

Thanks again for checking out the blog and for all of your comments.  Thnks also for your prayers for the Cardinals (4-1, who would have thought?).



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