February 8, 2008 – Not The Week I Had Planned

First and foremost, I offer my prayers for the victims and families of the mindless shootings in Kirkwood, MO.  I listened to the radio some today and people were calling in trying to offer explanations of why such a tragic event would happen, and I don’t think there is a good explanation.  It is a tragedy beyond our efforts to figure out.  All I feel I can do is to pray that such a horrific event doesn’t happen again.

My week didn’t go quite as I had planned.  Sunday, I could feel a cold coming on, and by the time Sunday evening came, I knew I had the full-blown flu.  I missed a couple days of work (always a bright side), and didn’t get to a lot of things I had planned to do, so my apologies for not getting the website updated and not getting to other things I meant to do.  I’m still not quite back to my old self, but at least I am functioning again.

Next weekend is commitment weekend in our diocese for the Catholic Services and Ministries Appeal (CSMA).  As in the past, you will be receiving a commitment card in the mail that you are asked to fill out and to pledge your donation to this important campaign.  I’m sure many people will be questioning whether they should donate as much, if at all, to the appeal due to the recent events concerning spending of funds by our Bishop.  Let me assure you that your donations are needed and will be used wisely.

The donations to the appeal do not go to the Bishop’ office, nor are they used for the Bishop’s salary, etc.  These funds go to the office of development and are distributed to the services and ministries that they are intended for.  We here at St. Mary’s, in fact, have received grant monies in the past from this appeal for our help-a-student program and for our parish library.  Ultimately, it is your decision to make in regards to the dollar amount you wish to pledge, but I felt that this information was important to share with you.

Finally, I hope you have the opportunity this Lent to do something “extra” for your faith life.  Besides all we have to offer in our parish, I have also posted a few links on our homepage at www.maryhoc.org to Lenten resources and devotionals for your family.  I had my first real “test” of Lent today – going to Reid’s on a Friday with a salesman and having to look at the fried chicken, roast beef, etc. and passing on by, although I still couldn’t resist a scoop of bread pudding!

Thanks again for reading my blog.  Feel free to leave a comment.  Peace.


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