February 2, 2008 – It’s Decision Time Again

Well ,we got a dose of winter weather, but not quite as bad as the forecasters predicted.  Actually, have you noticed now that the TV meterologists always say  “Here is what the computer models are telling us is going to happen”?  Kind of defeats the purpose of actually needing a meterologist to do the weather broadcasts, don’t you think?  There is my Andy Rooney thought of the day.  We have actually lived a pretty charmed life in these parts in terms of not seeing a lot of deep snow, ice, etc. over the last couple of years.  We’ll see how long the trend lasts.

A lot of the talk on TV this past week has focused on the Super Bowl, and the hype surrounding the game.  However, I don’t think the hype of that event can come anywhere close to the hype that the campaign for President has received over the last year.  Despite the monumental coverage that this race has received, I personally am still struggling with who to vote for on Tuesday when we have our primary election, and I have a hunch that many of you feel the same way, especially as Catholics when it seems that all of the candidates share some of our core beliefs, but none of them share all of our core beliefs.  Allow me to offer a couple pieces of advice:

1) Visit the web site www.faithfulcitizenship.org.  It contains documents from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops concerning being a responsible Catholic citizen.

2)  Follow the guidance of our former bishop, now Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who told us in a meeting I attended years ago to “Take your faith into the voting booth, and let it be your guide.”

Finally, a couple of church happenings:

We have another rite with our Confirmation class this Sunday called the Rite of Election.  Our class has been working very hard in preparation for the sacrament and will continue to do so as they approach their big day on April 28.  Please pray for them as they continue on their journey.

This weekend is renewal weekend for our diocesan newspaper, The Messenger.  Use the packet in your envelope to renew your subscription, or to start a new subscription.  I encourage you if you do not receive The Messenger to begin doing so.  It is widely recognized as one of the best diocesan newspapers in the country.  It contains many good stories about our local church, and also has many features about our national and international church.

Ready or not, Lent is on the doorstep!  Lent begins This week on Ash Wednesday.  Masses that day are at 8:15AM and 7:00PM in church.  Fr. Gene and Jan are once again putting together a lenten flyer which has all of the information about what is being offered by our parish during this season.  You can also check the monthly calendar on www.maryhoc.org to see when our Lenten offerings are taking place.

One more thing: Patriots 31, Giants 19 (please, no wagering!).



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