January 26, 2008 – The Joy of a Meeting?

When I started this blog, my fear was that I would run out of things to talk about, and as I sit here at my computer, I’m starting to kind of realize that fear – there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going through my mind right now, although some of my friends would claim that this is not an unusual occurrence.  So I’m just pretty much “winging it” as I type this entry.  Let’s see how it goes …

The week started with our retreat for our Confirmation candidates on Monday.  Being the 7th/8th grade teacher for PSR, this is an event that I kind of have to be at, but even if not, I think I would volunteer to be there.  It’s always a neat experience, not just for the students and their sponsors, but for me as well.  It is a nice change of pace day – no phones ringing or other distractions to keep our minds off course.  It was worth missing the fried chicken at the K of C hall for lunch (Bernice’s chili made up for that.  Thanks, Bernice!).

Gretchen Morgan, a youth minister from Mount Vernon, conducts our retreat and she does a fabulous job.  You can view photos from the retreat by clicking the link on the home page of www.maryhoc.org.  One of the activities we do is a “meditation prayer.”  The group sits in silence as Gretchen leads us in meditation.  My first thought was “when was the last time I had a chance to do this?”, just to be with myself and my thoughts.  Pretty cool.  One of the things I’m going to try to do this Lent is to remind myself that no matter what is going on or what else is on my mind, that I will take a few minutes each day to just be alone with the Lord.

On Wednesday evening we had our Parish Council meeting.  In my different roles in the parish and Diocese I go to plenty of meetings, and I must admit that there are some that I look forward to more than others.  Our Parish Council meetings are ones that I look forward to the most.  We are a group that first and foremost prays for the well-being of the parish community, and we also deliberate many issues that affect our parish and church as a whole.  It is a group with a wonderful spirit that truly enjoys each other’s company.  If you haven’t served on our council before or if it has been some years since you have, I encourage you to do so when the time comes to select new members.  It is one of those rare committees that I can say it is a true joy to be a part of.

Much of our discussion on Wednesday was about the upcoming Lenten season, which begins February 6.  If you think this is rather early for Lent to begin, you are right!  This is one of the earliest dates for Lent to begin.  As in the past, the parish is publishing a guide that will contain everything you need to know about Lent, but if you would like to start marking your calendar now, many of the Lenten happenings have been posted on the monthly calendar on our website.  I have noticed over the last couple of weeks with the Super Bowl coming up, that there are a lot of new snack items in the stores.  I am going to have to devour them quickly or I will be in big trouble when Ash Wednesday rolls around! 

Finally, as I’m sure most of you are aware of, this coming week is Catholic Schools Week in our nation, and of course here in our community.  I hope you get the opportunity to take advantage of some of the special activities that are taking place.  Our school has many activities planned to show their appreciation to everyone for supporting our school.  I would like to reciprocate by thanking everyone who works so hard in our school and helps to support it and continue to make it the best school it can be.  Great job, everyone!

Well, for not knowing what to talk about I guess I have blabbed enough.  Enjoy the warmer weather!  Peace.


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